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Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy




Look at the world, work hard with one step, walk through thinking, and wish to be refined. Make every effort to build a modern first-class enterprise that is honest, value, dignity, and contribution; meticulously dedicate efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly new energy products to make people's lives more quality and make Haihong's future fly high.


Provide source power for the development of the lithium battery industry, seek a high platform for the development of employee well-being, and expand new space for Haihong's future prospects.

core value

Striving, integrity, pioneering, and innovative

Company business philosophy

Technological innovation, people-oriented

Company Behavior Standard

Honesty is the foundation; adults are self-fulfilling; hard work; quality-oriented; teamwork; thrift and diligence; heavy commitments; true and pragmatic; performance based on rewards, survival of the fittest; brand effect, quality standards.

Enterprise spirit

Rapid current, bravely advance, see extraordinary in peace, hard work, enterprising, determined to innovate, learn from others' strengths, outstanding. Perseverance and courage to take responsibility. Looking at the world, insight into the market, forge ahead in unity, people-oriented.